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Here are are selection of video clips for your information and entertainment. We hope you will find them useful and of interest as you plan your projects.

Bear in mind that the contents of the videos are based on the point of view of the of their creators and they may either disagree with each other, or contain inaccuracies and errors. - We don't recommend that you act on any of the advice unless you are happy that it is correct.

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Building a DIY Pond:

Large DIY Pond Construction:

DIY Pond Construction Tips:

DIY Pond Construction:

Ben Builds a DIY Pond - Day 1:

Ben Builds a DIY Pond - Day 2

Ben Builds a DIY Pond - Day 3:

Ben Builds a DIY Pond - Day 4:

Ben Builds a DIY Pond - Pump:

Large Wildlife Pond:

"My DIY Fish Pond":

Formal Stone Fish Pond:

Fish Pond and Water Cascade:

Fish Pond Re Build Project :

Natural Stone Fish Pond :

How to Empty a Fish Pond :

Small Fishpond and Water Cascade :

How to Keep Otters Out of your Fish Pond :

DIY Fish Pond - Time Lapsed Video :