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SOLARDOME® Glasshouses - for Outdoor Living

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Solardome Industries Limited


0845 450 2155

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SOLARDOME® glasshouses

Making Your Outdoor Inspiration a Reality

If you want a unique geodesic focal point for your garden that has numerous outdoor living benefits and applications a SOLARDOME® glasshouse can turn your dreams, into a reality.

The innovative and elegant SOLARDOME® glasshouse is designed to complement any lifestyle. Its unique micro-climate creates the perfect setting for your tropical getaway, outdoor spa or sunroom, enabling you to enjoy being outdoors not just on warm, sunny days but all year round.

SOLARDOME® glasshouses have superior-ventilation, are energy efficient, eco-friendly, long-lasting and require virtually no maintenance. The unique geodesic shape is the strongest and most aerodynamic structure available and can easily withstand the extremes of climate change including hurricane force winds. The dome shape enables the glasshouse to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the dome, perfect for creating a wonderful environment for you and your plants.

SOLARDOME® glasshouses complement any garden environment. Applications include:

• Tropical glasshouse
• Spa or pool cover
• Artist’s studio
• Outdoor living space
• Sun room
• Mediterranean retreat
• Free standing conservatory

Not only perfect for a range of domestic applications SOLARDOME® glasshouses are also used for commercial and educational purposes. Applications include: creating a series of mini-Eden domes; a dome community project; a feature or facility in a visitor attraction; or as a unique outdoor learning environment or research centre for schools, colleges and universities.

Features and Benefits of a SOLARDOME® glasshouse:

• Multipurpose space ideal for any outdoor application
• Tried and tested glass geodesic design and product
• Free-standing, therefore offers flexibility in positioning
• Doesn’t require deep foundations so low impact on the environment
• Longevity and durability in extreme locations – can withstand hurricane force winds
• Superior ventilation throughout the year – base, mid and roof vents
• Energy efficient and economical shape to heat
• Maximum solar gain and 97% light transmission at any angle or orientation
• Circular design maximizes available working area, can plant at ground level
• Excellent height at sides and dome centre - perfect for tall plants and trees
• Eco-friendly design and 98% recyclable at the end of its long life
• Designed and manufactured in the UK
• 10 year guarantee

“We were blown away when we first saw the SOLARDOME® glasshouse. The possibility of having our own mini-Eden project in the garden was very exciting.”
Alex Reay, The New Forest, Hampshire

As the world pioneer and market leader of small-scale glass and aluminum domes, we provide specialist advice and over 40 years experience of designing and manufacturing geodesic domes here in the UK.

Standard domes range from 4.52m to 10m diameter. For alternative sizes or ideas we offer a bespoke service from project concept to installation.

SOLARDOME® glasshouses can either be self assembled using our detailed DIY building instructions, or we provide an erection service on request.

Whatever your garden project contact our highly skilled team to discuss your requirements. Call 0845 4502155 or email sales@solardome.co.uk for a brochure, more information or specific quote.

For further inspirational dome ideas have a look at our website – www.solardome.co.uk

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